We take pride in our high level of technical proficiency, customer orientation and effective service. We make it easily available in Singapore, Malaysia and surrounding countries the Audience Response System of H-ITT, USA.

H-ITT Audience Response System is an excellent tool to improve the effectiveness of meetings/training. It enables you to engage all members of your audience during the course of presentation. You enjoy the benefit of instant feedback of the audience, use the feedback to explain the fine points of the subject matter and retain audience’s attention.

With our system, every participant has a wireless keypad. When you pose a question on the screen, every participant may feedback his choice of answer with a press on the keypad. Inputs from all participants are processed by our system and the result is retained in the computer and can be displayed instantaneously in a graphic form on the screen.

You have the flexibility of using PowerPoint, Words or Excel. In other words, if your materials are in Words or Excel, you need not to convert them into a Power Point.


Engage your audience.


Get instant feedback.


Keep track of training progress.


The participation of the audience can be anonymous or non-anonymous. The in the latter mode, the system keeps the inputs by the name of registered participants. It is very effective for keeping track of the progress of training.

We also provide one-stop audience response service.